Kipawa High Performance Trolling Motor Propellers


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Warning - CA Prop 65

Made in the USA, the Kipawa Three-Blade High-Performance Propellers are designed for use with a range of electric trolling motors. Constructed from nylon and fiberglass composite for the utmost in Strength, Durability, and Quality, the Kipawa Three Blade High-Performance Propellers are also 99% weedless and increase speed by 10-15% on average.
-Improves Navigability
-Increases the area of water covered
-Ability to move the craft in windy conditions
-More distance traveled per battery charge
-Greater power
-Increases speed by 10 - 15% on average
-Improves safety
-Provides the ability to hold watercraft steady in currents
-99% weed-free


-Fits 112lb thrust Minn Kota motors

-Fits MotorGuide Motors
-This propeller has a 3.5" Hub
Fits 24 volt or 36 volt digital high-torque trolling motors.
-Fits Minn Kota 2004 & Older Motors.
-This propeller has a 4" Hub.
Fits these Minn Kota Motor Models:
595W, 595M, 599W, 599M, 795M, 795MX, 799M, 799MX, 3HPS/SBM, RT3.1/B, RT4.3/B, 3.1HP/B, 4.3HP/B, 95W, 95M, 99W, 99M, 3HP, 3HPS/STM, 395W, 395M, 399W, 399M,  RT70/S,RT74AP,
RT74/S,RT74/S/3X, RT74/B/BG/3X, RT74/B/H,D/3X, 55EX, 70EX, RT55/B, RT70/B, RT74/B, 55AT/H, 70AT/H, 70T/H, 74PD/AP, 74PD/AP-US, 4HP, RT3.1/S, RT43/S, 3.1HP/S, 43HP/S, 64AP, 64PD, 62PD/AP, VANTAGE74, MAX74&74/H,MAX55/55BT,MAX74T/74BT,
MAX74/H/3X, VECTOR74/3X, MAX74, MAX74/US, GENESIS 74, GENESIS 74/AP, GENESIS 74AP/US, MAG SERIES 36MTM, 4HP, 36WRM, 36MRM, 40WRM, 40MRM, 36W, 36M, 40W, 40M, 736MX, 740MX
-Fits Minn Kota 2004 & Older Motors
-This propeller has a 4" Hub and a D SHAFT which does not take a pin.
Fits These Minn Kota Motor Models:
MAX 101, MAX 101/H, MAX 101/H/3X, VANTAGE 101, RT101/S, RT101/S/3X,  RT101/B, RT101/B/H,  RT101/B/BG/3X, VECTOR 101/3X
-Fits Minn Kota 05 & Newer Motors.
-This propeller has a 4" Hub.
Fits These Minn Kota Motor Models (Serial number prefix WW)
MAX 101,  MAX101/US, MAX 101/H/3X, VANTAGE 101, VANTAGE 80, RT101/B/3X,  RT101/B, RT101/B/H,RT 80/B, RT 80/B/L&D, RT 80/B/3X, RT 80/S/3X, RT 80/AP, VECTOR 101/3X, VECTOR 80/3X, MAX 80, MAX 80/US, MAX 80/H/3X,MAX PRO 80, MAX PRO 80/US, MAX PRO 101, MAX PRO 101/US, MAX 80T, 80PD , 80PD/AP, 80PD/AP/US, Traxxis 80, Fortrex 101, Fortrex 80, Terrova 101, Terrova 80, MK101EM, MK202EM, RT101EM, RT160EM, RT202EM.
-Fits Minn Kota 2005 & Newer Models
-This propeller has a 3 5/8" Hub
Fits These Minn Kota Motor Models (Serial number prefix WW):
55AT, 55AT/H, 70AT, MAX55/SC, MAX 55/SC/H/3X, MAX 70, MAX70/H/3X, MAX 70/SC,MAX 55T, MAX70T, 50PD, 55PD/AP, 55PD/AP/US, 55PD/US, 65PD, 54PD PONTOON, 68PD PONTOON , 70PD, 70PD/AP, 70PD/US, 70PD/AP/US,VECTOR 46,VECTOR 55,
VECTOR 55/3X, VECTOR 70, VECTOR 70/3X, ENDURA 46, ENDURA 50, ENDURA 55, ENDURA PRO 46 ENDURA PRO 55 CAMO 55XL, RT55/B/SC/L&D, RT55/B/L/3X, RT55/B/3X, RT 65/B/SC, RT 65/B/SC/L&D/3X, RT 55/AP, RT70/AP, RT50/S, RT55/S, TRAXXIS 70,

WarningWARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (dehp) which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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